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Dr. Frank C. Stone has more than forty years of experience in restorative and esthetic dentistry for adults. He has been internationally awarded again and again for his cosmetic dental work. His expertise in smile design, crown and bridge reconstruction, cosmetic makeovers, instant orthodontics, tooth whitening, and non-surgical face rejuvenation with the use of lasers, intra-oral cameras and computer imaging shines through in every patient’s smile and life that he changes.

Welcome to the Website of Dr. Frank Stone, Dentist in Irvine, CA

Smile Gallery

A Restorative Dentist… A Dental Artist… A Bio-Functional Dental Engineer

  • A Restorative Dentist plans your smile around the health of your mouth.
  • A Dental Artist plans your smile around your smile’s appearance.
  • A Bio-Functional Dentist plans your smile around optimal oral function.

Why is this important to you? Dr. Stone explains “Human beings demand more from their mouths than any other creature on this planet. If a patient’s new smile is created, and just one of the three essential elements is weak or missing, there will be disappointment, if not failure.”

Our Services

The dental services we offer allow our patients to enjoy maximum oral health, and a beautiful smile that looks and feels so natural!

Whether it is a routine exam or a full smile rejuvenation Dr. Stone chooses to be a perfectionist making sure every aspect is perfect for each of his patients.

Our Practice

You can always expect a warm and helpful greeting from Dr. Stone’s team. Making our patients feel welcome and at home is our highest priority. Upon entering the reception area you will also see Dr. Stone’s sculptures and digital paintings that will give you an indication of his passion and commitment to the highest level of Esthetic and Functional-Restorative dentistry. Everything about the décor says “quality, lasting, enduring, artistic, beautiful and comfortable.”

Art Gallery

As an artist, Dr. Stone is an acclaimed sculptor and digital painter. The joining of his dentistry and artistry has helped so many patients achieve a brilliant smile that has made them look younger and encouraged them to feel more self-assured and confident.

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