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BioEsthetic Face Rejuvenating Dentistry

As we age we wear our teeth down until they’re almost flat. With the wearing away of the teeth, especially the back teeth, the face starts to sag causing a more pursed look around the mouth and wrinkles start to appear.
We can restore your original bite by creating longer crowns for the back teeth, restoring your original bite, thereby lengthening the face. This takes away from that pinched look.


Award-Winning Smiles: Best-Of-Show, Gold Medal Cases and Silver Medal Cases.
BioEsthetic Face Rejuvenating Dentistry: Smiles that combine function, smile esthetics and facial rejuvenation.
Smile Makeover: A total smile makeover which alleviated the need for cosmetic surgery.
Smile Repair – Tetracycline: Tetracycline stained teeth made beautiful again.
Smile Restoration: Patients who have experienced dental trauma or have congenital defects.
Smile Enhancement: Bonding: Minimally invasive technique to reshape the smile.
Smile Enhancement: Veneers: Long lasting solution for misshapen teeth.
Instant Orthodontics: Crooked teeth made straight without using braces.
Smile Design: How Dr. Stone creates award-winning smiles perfect for each patient.
Testimonials: See what our patients have to say about our practice and Dr. Stone’s artistry.