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BioEsthetic Face Rejuvenating Dentistry

BioEsthetics is the study of living things in their natural environment of health, function and beauty. In the case of BioEsthetic Face Rejuvenating Dentistry®, Dr. Stone has studied long-lasting, highly-functional and exceptionally-beautiful chewing systems. The primary goal of BioEsthetics is the restoration of function as opposed to a very strong movement in dentistry today toward cosmetics only. When the function is restored properly the cosmetic result is beautiful as well.

As a BioEsthetic Dentist, Dr. Stone has (in addition to dental school) undergone a rigorous four years of additional study and training specifically to diagnose and treat failing chewing systems as opposed to merely treating problems as they occur in outdated tooth-by-tooth “repair” dentistry. Click the link below to see what BioEsthetic Face Rejuvenating Dentistry can do for you.

BioEsthetic Face Rejuvenating Dentistry Gallery


Award-Winning Smiles: Best-Of-Show, Gold Medal Cases and Silver Medal Cases.
BioEsthetic Face Rejuvenating Dentistry: Smiles that combine function, smile esthetics and facial rejuvenation.
Smile Makeover: A total smile makeover which alleviated the need for cosmetic surgery.
Smile Repair – Tetracycline: Tetracycline stained teeth made beautiful again.
Smile Restoration: Patients who have experienced dental trauma or have congenital defects.
Smile Enhancement: Bonding: Minimally invasive technique to reshape the smile.
Smile Enhancement: Veneers: Long lasting solution for misshapen teeth.
Instant Orthodontics: Crooked teeth made straight without using braces.
Smile Design: How Dr. Stone creates award-winning smiles perfect for each patient.
Testimonials: See what our patients have to say about our practice and Dr. Stone’s artistry.