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Instant Orthodontic Procedure (IOP)

A beautiful and rejuvenated smile can be just one or two dental appointments away!
If your teeth are crooked or crowded and you have thought about braces but hate the thought of wearing wires and dealing with monthly appointments for two to three years…then our proven Instant Orthodontic Procedure (IOP) might be the solution for you to finally start enjoying straight and healthy looking teeth.

Dr. Stone has developed a cosmetic technique of instantly “straightening” teeth by utilizing a combination of cosmetic reshaping, composite bonding and in many cases porcelain veneers.

Of course, not every smile can be restored with this method without orthodontic treatment. We invite you to schedule a Smile-Design-Consultation with Dr. Stone to see if you can benefit from this IOP procedure and other cosmetic procedures.

Composite Bonding To Repair Spaces Between Teeth