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Smile Design

Your Smile is More Than Just Dentistry

A beautiful smile is designed with the perfect combination of balance, color, structure and more. It can be compared to a work of art accomplished by a master artist. Dr. Stone will create a smile design perfect for you by considering how to compliment your unique facial structure, tone and coloration with just the right elements of a beautiful, natural smile.

Unique to his dental practice, Dr. Stone offers private consultations that provide an overall treatment plan, both short term and long term, tailored to his patient’s goals. In fact, Dr. Stone specializes in giving individual and customized attention to details and an outstanding level of service and quality of relationship with his patients.


Dr. Stone will create a Smile Design that includes:

It is his attention to the finest detail that has made Dr. Stone sought out by those who expect perfection.

Award-Winning Smiles: Best-Of-Show, Gold Medal Cases and Silver Medal Cases.
BioEsthetic Face Rejuvenating Dentistry: Smiles that combine function, smile esthetics and facial rejuvenation.
Smile Makeover: A total smile makeover which alleviated the need for cosmetic surgery.
Smile Repair – Tetracycline: Tetracycline stained teeth made beautiful again.
Smile Restoration: Patients who have experienced dental trauma or have congenital defects.
Smile Enhancement: Bonding: Minimally invasive technique to reshape the smile.
Smile Enhancement: Veneers: Long lasting solution for misshapen teeth.
Instant Orthodontics: Crooked teeth made straight without using braces.
Smile Design: How Dr. Stone creates award-winning smiles perfect for each patient.
Testimonials: See what our patients have to say about our practice and Dr. Stone’s artistry.