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SoproCARE camera

The SoproCARE camera is a non-invasive diagnostic tool now used by Dr. Frank Stone. The easy-to-use and reliable device utilizes a patented, proprietary technology. It helps clinicians perform a state-of-the-art exam by improving diagnosis, early detection, prevention, patient communication, case acceptance and treatment.

It works by assessing the health of the tooth’s hard and soft tissue. It illuminates dental tissue with light and the exposed tissue absorbs the energy and reflects it in fluorescent form. The reflection creates an easy to interpret, visible representation of the tooth’s condition, which is normally invisible to normal light.

Three different modes help the staff at Frank Stone, DDS examine your whole oral health, including new and old plaque, gingival inflammation, dental caries and microfractures.

SoproCARE is effective and reliable and is an invaluable part of our patient’s oral exam.