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Imagine the difference in your life after you have a new wonderful smile. Read Testimonials From Our Patients


Bill T “Nancy Sullivan and Dr. Stone are the best. I will not go to anyone else.”
Mary G “I receive good care. I do not want to lose my teeth.”
John P “Nancy Sullivan does a great job and Dr. Stone does great dentistry.”
Marilyn F “It is hard to find a good dentist up north. I can call and make an appointment here. It is easy. I feel good about coming here.”
Marynn B “Nancy Sullivan does such a good job and I am happy with the treatment that Dr. Stone did for me.”
Evelyn R “The receive fabulous service from all of the staff.”
Gina R “Nancy Sullivan does a good job. I like coming here to have my teeth cleaned. I trust Dr. Stone if I need treatment.”
Chris H “Dr. Stone turned me around as a dental patient. He did not manhandle me. All of the staff helped. I moved away and then came back to the area and returned to Dr. Stone.”
Linda N “I started with Dr. Stone. I think that he did a good job. I have had no problems, no troubles, so I continue to come here. Nancy Sullivan is very valuable to me. She and Dr. Stone know my teeth.”
Brian P “I go to Dr. Stone for the skill, technology, trust. I have never had a problem with any of my treatment. I enjoy the staff.”
Betty Y “I am confident of the care—all around.”
Tom W “I had an experience elsewhere of less than adequate quality of care. I know that the care at Dr. Stone’s is high quality.”
Nancy T “I have had quite a lot of work done and I have had good treatment. My schedule for maintenance is good and the office keeps on top of it. I have no reason to change.”
Henry B “I come to Dr. Stone for the people, the expertise, the service, and the professionalism.”
Kate E “I receive empathy and the concern is genuine and honest.”
Vicky F “I come to Dr. Stone because I want the best. I want quality.”
William M “I am comfortable here. I trust the competency of Dr. Stone and the staff.”
Carmen V “I receive good care from friendly people that I can trust.”
Mike M “I have been a patient here for less than one year. I feel comfortable with what Nancy Sullivan has done for me. I have, likewise, had a good experience with Dr. Stone.”
Arlene W “Dr. Stone is an outstanding dentist. He keeps up with current technology. The staff is wonderful.”
Helen P “I liked Dr. Stone the minute I met him. He listened to me, as did Nancy Austin and Nancy Sullivan.”